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Animal Task Force
Animal Issues Task Force
The Animal Issues Task Force was established by Springfield City Council in early 2012 for the purpose of "gaining public input and assistance in addressing the ever-increasing animal-related issues facing our community." The group began meeting in spring 2012. This page includes links to all materials given to the the task force during its work.

The Animal Issues Task Force will present its final recommendations to City Council at noon, Tuesday, Sept. 10, in the fourth floor conference room of the Busch Municipal Building, 840 Boonville Ave. This meeting is open to the public.

Official Charge from City Council
"The Task Force's charge shall be to examine current Health Department animal shelter facilities, policies and procedures and recommend any changes that would improve the level and quality of services from the standpoint of public safety and animal welfare. The review would include a determination of possible alternatives to the current shelter and recommendations as to whether the City should continue to maintain the present shelter or proceed with one or more of the alternatives. The task force should consider funding options and recommendation for during any proposed actions(s)."

Members of the task force are as follows:
  • Mary Collette, Chairwoman
  • Carl Woodland
  • Dr.Mike Stafford
  • Gwen Evans
  • Karenanne Fitzsimmons
  • Raquel Baehl
  • Kathleen Cowens
  • Theresa Bettmann
  • Carrie Galvan
  • Stephanie Montgomery
  • Gloria Galanes

Final Recommendations
The Animal Issues Task Force presented its final recommendations to Springfield City Council on Sept. 10, 2013. The recommendations focus on three areas: Facilities, Programs and Policies. A PDF of the recommendations is below. The next step is for Council to take up any portion of the recommendations it would like to act upon, and those changes would have to go through the legislative process before taking effect. 
     AITF Recommendations to City Council 


The following are materials that were presented to or requested by the task force at each meeting, plus the official agendas and minutes.

     Aug. 5, 2013 meeting  
     Facilities - Final Draft  
     Programs Recommendations - Final Draft  
     Policies & Legislation Recommendations - Final Draft      

     July 1, 2013 meeting
     Policies & Legislation Recommendations - Draft 5  
     Programs Recommendations - Draft 3    

     June 18, 2013 meeting
     Polices & Legislation recommendations - Draft 4    
Programs recommendations - Draft 2  

     June 3, 2013 meeting 
Minutes - none (quorum was not met)

     May 20, 2013 meeting
     Policies & Legislation Recommendations - Draft 3  

     May 6, 2013 meeting 
     Letter to City Council   

     April 1, 2013 meeting 
     Presentation: How Calgary & Omaha Ordinances Compare to Springfield
     Omaha Dangerous Dog Ordiance  
     Omaha Reckless Owner Ordiance  
     Omaha Anti-Tethering Ordinance  
     Table Comparing Dog Bite Statuses  
     Article: The Case Against Breed Discrimination by Insurance Companies    

     March 4, 2013 meeting
     Overview of Current Pit Bull Ordinance
     List of Media Stories on Pit Bull Attacks (1990-2010)
     2012 Pit Bull Statistics
     10-year Animal Control Statistics
     10-year Animal Control Statistics Explanation
     Article: Georgia's Responsible Dog Owner Act  

     Jan. 14, 2013 meeting  
     Draft: Program Recommendations 

     Dec. 3, 2012 meeting  
     Draft: New Shelter Recommendations  
     Draft: Licensing Program Recommendations  

     Oct. 29, 2012 meeting  
     Licensing PowerPoint presentation  
     Article: Delimmas of Trap-Neuter-Release  

     Sept. 24, 2012 meeting
     Recap (blog post)  

     Aug. 27, 2012 meeting
Feral cat PowerPoint presentation  
     Calgary animal policies study (7 MB download)   
     HSUS spay/neuter study  
PetSmart spay/neuter study  

     July 30, 2012 meeting
     Pet Licensing in Benchmark Cities  
     Pet Licensing in Benchmark Cities - Chart  
     HSUS feral cats letter  
     Issues Brainstorm List (updated)  

     June 25, 2012 meeting
     Comparing Cities PowerPoint presentation  
     Issues Brainstorm List  
     City of Springfield Animal Ordinances  

     May 21, 2012 meeting
     Program Models PowerPoint presentation  

     April 30, 2012 meeting
     Animal Control Overview PowerPoint presentation (5 MB download)  
     Springfield-Greene County Animal Control Data Overview 
     Letter from USPS