How a Bill Becomes a Law

  1. Idea
    • Citizens, city staff or council members suggest an ordinance that may resolve a problem or address a concern.
  2. Preparation
    • An ordinance is prepared by the City Attorney, City Clerk, or the department responsible for the ordinance, with legal assistance from the City Attorney.
  3. Introduction
    • The ordinance is introduced by a council member and may be sent to 1 of 4 council committees for a recommendation.
  4. 1st-Reading
    • The ordinance is read at a council meeting, and a public hearing is held at that time to get citizen input.
  5. 2nd-Reading
    • City Council discusses the ordinance and votes.
  6. Enacted
    • An ordinance takes effect after it passes by a majority vote on 2nd Reading.
  7. Enforcement
    • The responsible department in city government sees that the ordinance is enforced.