Additional Benefits

Clothing Allowance
Employees required to purchase clothing items relative to their job duties may receive an annual clothing allowance predicated on budget and approval of the City Manager. Clothing costs are reviewed and allowance rates are adjusted each July.
Tuition Reimbursement
Must be approved by the Human Resources Department at least seven days prior to start of the class.  Must satisfactorily complete probationary period to be eligible; courses may be approved based on the availability of funds; and reimbursement is based on the grade received.
Grade Reimbursement
A 100%
B 90%
C 80%
Passing, but less than C 50%
Pass/Fail Classes 80%
Reimbursement applies to tuition only; does not apply toward cost of books, registration fees, or incidental fees.  Maximum $2,500 per fiscal year.  An employee leaving City employment will be required to return 100% of tuition reimbursement payments received during the last 6 months of employment.