Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Task Force


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Task Force Members

Read about the selection process (PDF) or download more detailed information about the members (PDF).

  • Miles Sweeney (Judge), Chair
  • Angela Filbeck (Alternate)
  • Cindy Lear
  • David Trippe
  • Dick Hardy
  • Gary Whitaker
  • Ginger Holczer (Dr.)
  • Jeff Houghton
  • Lola Butcher
  • Lynne Meyerkord
  • Michael Overton
  • Pam Sailors
  • Randall Doennig
  • Rick McLain
  • Robert Saylor
  • Sarah Smith
  • Steve Gardner (Rev.)
The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Task Force was charged with fulfilling the scope of duties below (defined in Resolution 10011) including the submission of its findings in a written report to the City Council and City Manager by June 30, 2013, unless council finds additional time is necessary to complete the task and extends the deadline.

Scope of Duties
  • Research and investigate the level of discrimination in Springfield because of sexual orientation or transgender issues and the level of urgency to resolve any identified problem. Also, research and investigate the appropriate level for solution if any problems are identified, whether that level be local, county, state, or federal.
  • Meet with a variety of stakeholders to collect input and hear various perspectives, including, but not limited, to GLBT members, not-for-profit advocacy groups, private businesses, the medical community, the business community, the faith-based community, the academic community, and any other group with which the committee desires to meet. This task force may consider any option.
  • Provide written recommendations to the Mayor and City Manager, ranking the one or more recommended options that should be considered, recognizing that City Council must ultimately approve any proposal. In addition to ranking the task force's recommendations, the report should indicate the advantages and disadvantages of each option considered from the perspective of the citizens of Springfield.
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