Joint City-County Planning Task Force

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5 staff representatives from the City of Springfield:
  • Assistant City Manager
  • City Manager
  • Deputy City Manager
  • Director of Finance
  • To be determined, based upon topic
5 staff representatives from Greene County:
  • Auditor
  • Budget Director
  • County Administrator
  • Prosecutor
  • To be determined, based upon topic
Mayor Bob Stephens called for the formation of a new task force, comprised of City of Springfield and Greene County leaders, to address issues of mutual interest. The group's first meeting was July 26, 2013.

Their goal is to identify current and anticipated similar fiscal and service delivery challenges, and to suggest measurable solutions.

Joint Services
The city and county jointly operate several services, including:
  • 911 Emergency Communications
  • Health Department
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Park Board
Additionally, the city and county cooperate and collaborate daily on many other initiatives.

Task Force Charge
Through a series of meetings, develop an internal report addressing the following:
  • Identify mutual fiscal and service delivery challenges, both current and future.
  • Identify options to address current and anticipated fiscal and service delivery challenges via revenue enhancements, increased efficiencies, and/or service/cost reductions.
  • Develop "dashboard" performance metrics that can be used by both the city and county to monitor progress (or lack thereof) in key areas.
Approved Topics for Discussion
Similar Challenges for the city and county:
  • Communication with citizens, including a need for more civic engagement
  • Economic / Business development
  • Employee recruitment/retention/compensation
  • Facilities for courts
  • Fuel costs
  • Growth planning
  • Increasing employee and dependent healthcare costs
  • Information systems
  • Life-cycle capital replacement costs
  • Public health funding disparity and service impact
  • Public trust
  • Stormwater funding
  • Unfunded capital needs
  • Unfunded environmental mandates
The target delivery date for the task force's report back to City Council and the Greene County Commission, is December 31, 2013.