The Golden Goose Award

The Golden Goose is a fun and prestigious award that allows employees to recognize the outstanding, but often unnoticed, individual efforts of co-workers and to promote a culture of teamwork and pride. Every few weeks, a traveling trophy (The Golden Goose) is awarded from one employee to the next as "thank you" and to recognize each other for a job well done.

The Goose was chosen as a symbol of the teamwork and cooperation often seen among members of this organization. It is a fact that, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone.


  • A log book will document the travels of the Goose. As the Goose moves on, you must list who you are presenting it to and why. When you give the Goose, please send an e-mail stating to whom you are presenting the Goose and why. These entries will be included in the next edition of the Scene.
  • It is highly encouraged that you present the Goose in front of that person’s supervisor, at a staff meeting, or in a way that recognizes them publicly for a job well done.
  • The Goose must be displayed in your work area for everyone to see. Accompanying the Goose will be a pin that you can wear all week.
  • You can only keep the Goose for 1 week, and then you have to give it away.
  • You must present the Golden Goose to a fellow city employee in a different department, who has done an outstanding job helping you do your job. The purpose of the Goose is to say “thank you” to that person for their efforts and to recognize them for a job well done.