Bid Notification Services

The City of Springfield, MO Division of Purchases utilizes a category specific email notification service to email solicitation opportunities.  This service is free of charge and is beneficial to those vendors who like to stay up on all of our current solicitations. Please register your company on the Bid Posting Notifications - Notify Me® or click on the Notify Me logo in the upper right corner of this page. 

Any vendors who have registered prior to August 1, 2014 will still need to subscribe their email on our website to receive category specific solicitation notifications. It is imperative that you subscribe your company to be notified of solicitations and announcements that are posted by the City of Springfield Division of Purchases. 

**Please be aware that you must click the link within the initial email you receive to officially confirm you would like to receive bid notification emails from the City of Springfield, Missouri Division of Purchases**

Receiving our E-mail notifications is a great way to stay informed about City bid opportunities! However, if you prefer not to sign up for the E-mail subscription service, you may visit this website anytime to view City purchasing needs.

For current solicitation opportunities, please visit Bid Posting Center.

Other Bid Notification Methods

The Division of Purchases also utilizes the Demand Star system to automatically notify potential contractors, consultants, and other types of vendors, as well as the general public of City Bid Opportunities. The system allows you to receive the information quickly and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can contact Demand Star for more information at 800-711-1712.

Who Should use this System

  • Individuals and businesses wanting to receive automatic notifications of Bid Opportunities for the City of Springfield Division of Purchases as well as other entities.
  • Established vendors who want to update their information for additional commodities and services to remain competitive.
  • Vendors who want to obtain copies of Bids and Request For Proposals (RFPs)

Email Broadcast from Demand Star

Demand Star offers an email notification of bid opportunities for those who prefer to receive information electronically.  Go to the Demand Star Registration for more information.