Code of Excellence

Excellent & Quality Service
Our mission is to improve the legal affairs of the City of Springfield by providing excellent service in all we do. We strive to offer quality services which set community standards, and exceed expectations in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner. We expect all day-to-day decisions made by everyone in our department to reflect our mission and values.

Our Commitments
  • To be cost effective.
  • To be selective and prioritize what we do.
  • To encourage education to support our mission.
  • To use new technology and management innovation to maintain a position of leadership.
Our Values
  • All city departments and their employees
  • Commitment to serving others above self with care and respect
  • Creativity, innovation and a willingness to accept new ideas and to change
  • Excellence
  • Integrity and trust
  • Performance, results, and acceptance of accountability
  • Service with excellence
  • Commitment to the city
Our Guiding Philosophy
  • Be well-informed.
  • Think, and use the resources we have to solve a problem.
  • Listen and ask questions.
  • Consult in advance with those affected by our actions, particularly with those who may disagree.
  • Communicate openly and without ambiguity.
  • Disagree openly if we have a contrary opinion, but never be disagreeable.
  • Make a commitment to the city, its mission and its values.
  • Encourage all to think of better ways to perform.
  • Delegate decisions and reward those who take responsibility.
  • Be honest, fair and consistent in relationships.
  • Treat others with respect and be sensitive to their needs as well as to the needs of our department.
  • Assume that those we deal with are trustworthy.
  • Broaden our horizons and contacts.
  • Accept accountability for our performance.
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of others.
  • Make a crucial difference by being a caring person.