1 & 2 Family Permits

Family Dwellings & Accessory Structures

All new, one- and two-family houses and associated accessory buildings to be built inside the City limits of Springfield require an approved building permit prior to any construction work.

You will need to provide certain information in order to complete the application for a permit. The following items are/may be required, depending on the extent and/or nature of the project.

Legal Description of the Property

A verifiable source such as any of the following:
  • Abstract
  • Warranty Deed
  • Contract for Deed
  • Property Tax Receipt
  • Survey by a licensed land surveyor showing the legal description
Note: All legal descriptions which are for other than a single lot in subdivision must be certified by the Community Development Department before a permit can be approved for issuance.


Plans must include the following:
  • Site plan (drawn to scale, no smaller than 1"=20').
  • Cover sheet to indicate the building area in square feet (living area shown separately from garage), and the estimated value in dollars of the project (what will it sell for or how much does it improve the property).

Sewer Connect Permit or Septic System Approval

Sewer connect permit or septic system approval from the Public Works Clean Water Services. The latter would require a percolation test and system designed by a professional Engineer, and must be a tract of land at least 3 acres in size.

Certified Contractor Requirements

All plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work in new dwellings is required to be done by certified, bonded professionals. The contractors of those various trades are responsible for obtaining permits for their work.

“Homeowner” permits for minor extensions or alterations of these systems are available for work located entirely inside the house – gas work, mechanical service and replacing water heater work excluded.

Important Documents