Motorist Assist Program

In April 2014, the Springfield Police Department launched the Motorist Assist Program (MAP) staffed by volunteers from the community. The mission of the MAP is for trained volunteers to make contact with stranded motorists whose vehicles have become immobile on the streets of Springfield and utilize the MAP vehicle to provide those motorists with cover and to alert other motorists to use caution while driving past the stalled vehicle until it can be safely removed from the roadway. The MAP vehicle is a white, unmarked police car equipped with amber overhead lights and door magnets that identify them as part of the MAP.

All MAP volunteers MAP carundergo a background check and program training provided by the SPD. On-duty volunteers receive a two-way radio, and police and dispatchers are able to see if a MAP volunteer is available in the event that they find someone with a stalled vehicle along a roadway.

The program was developed to render aid to the citizens of Springfield and to allow officers to remain available for law enforcement duties and to respond to other calls for service. It is part of the SPD’s Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program which strives to build a better community through partnership.

Citizens interested in joining MAP or getting involved in other volunteer opportunities can contact Volunteer Coordinator Officer Greg Young at 417-864-1351 or [email protected]