Improvement Methods

Improvement Methods
The city annually evaluates roadways and selects cost effective maintenance treatments to enhance and extend the useful life of the pavement. These treatments are tailored to produce the greatest enhancement of the street surface and generally fall into 1 of 4 categories.
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Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance treatments are intended to preserve the city's asphalt roadways. The preventative maintenance treatments utilized by the City of Springfield work to extend the service life of bituminous pavements beyond the normal life expectancy of an untreated pavement.

The various maintenance treatments serve to lengthen the intervals between the replacement of the deteriorated pavement. The treatment selected will depend on the age, volume of traffic, and condition of the pavement. The City of Springfield's preventive maintenance strategy is comprehensive and has proven to be an extremely cost effective way of preserving the city's infrastructure investment.

Rehabilitation projects are used to compliment the preventive maintenance utilized by the City of Springfield. Programs in the rehabilitation category generally serve to extend the life of the infrastructure by repairing those deteriorated sections. The service life is extended by repairing and rehabilitating the existing infrastructure, and the costly replacement of that infrastructure is postponed.

When a pavement has deteriorated beyond the point of preventive maintenance and rehabilitation, the pavement will then need to be replaced. Pavements beyond their service life without signs of extensive roadway base failure will fall into the renovation project category.

The projects in this category will receive a new surface course of asphalt and generally involve the preservation of the existing curbs and gutters. Also included in that work is the selected replacement of driveway aprons, sidewalk, the adjustment or replacement of utility frames and lids, traffic control and protection and parkway restoration.

Pavements beyond their service life showing signs of extensive roadway base failure or those requiring the complete replacement of the asphalt or concrete pavement will fall into the reconstructive project category. This is the most costly and disruptive form of roadway maintenance. These projects may also include the regrading of the roadway, complete curb and gutter replacement, extensive sidewalk and driveway replacement, and parkway restoration.