Moving a Structure

Regulations for Moving Structures
  1. No structure over 1600 square feet in area can be moved without approval from the City Manager.
  2. No structure exceeding 20' in height after loaded on a truck can be moved without special written approval from the Director of Building Development Services and the Director of Public Works. The 20' measured from the ground to the top of structure.
  3. Work involved in moving a structure must begin within five days from issuance of a moving permit and prosecuted diligently and continuously until structure is relocated. A delay of 14 days with no substantial work may be cause to declare the structure dangerous.
  4. Once the structure is relocated, all work to meet the building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical codes shall be completed as per approved schedule.
  5. No structure after being relocated shall be occupied, used, sold, leased or rented until such structure meets all regulations of building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical codes.
  6. No permanent utilities shall be connected until structure meets all codes.
  7. Nothing can be done to the structure to cause it to become dangerous to the public preparing it for the move or during moving.
General Procedure
Chapter 36 of the Springfield City Code establishes the following procedures for moving a structure within the City limits.

Submit Plan which Includes
  1. A plot plan showing the proposed location of the structure or building with its certified legal description; and
  2. The structural components of the foundation, beams and piers, upon which the structure or building will rest; and
  3. An itemized description and cost estimate of the work which will be necessary to meet provisions of Chapter 18, Article II, Housing Code and Chapter 36, Article V, Building Code; and
  4. The manner in which the outside of the building or structure will be painted and otherwise brought into a state of good repair; and
  5. A schedule setting forth the time that each phase of the work will commence and the time for its completion; and
  6. Proof that applicant has liquid assets or loan commitments sufficient to complete the project set forth in the plan, within the schedule set forth therein.
Request Inspection of Structure and Relocation Area
A $100 fee is charged for this service and is due prior to the inspection.

This inspection is necessary to determine if the structure can be moved, and if it meets the regulations of the building codes. If the structure does not meet Code, then certain changes and/or additions must be agreed upon to be completed in order to move the structure.

Plan Review & Approval
After steps 1 and 2, above, the director of Building Development Services will review and approve the plan provided:
  1. That the structure or building will comply with Chapter 18, Article II, Housing Code, and Chapter 36, Article V, Building Code; and
  2. That the proof of financial capability or other financial assurances demonstrates that applicant has liquid assets or loan commitments sufficient to complete the project set forth in the plan, within the schedule set forth therein.
Required Preparation of Existing Site
After receiving approval of moving, the following shall be done before a moving permit is issued:
  1. Cut off and remove all existing utilities. Cap or terminate utility lines as per City utilities and City requirements.
  2. A sewer plug /septic tank crush permit will have to be issued to a certified plumber.
Moving Permit Issued With the Following Terms
  • Only after a foundation and repair permit has been issued.
  • Only to a licensed, bonded house mover who, when applying for a moving permit, and has a current business license and current "cab card" and states in writing the:
  • Location of existing structure.
  • New location of structure
  • Length, width and height of structure after loaded on truck.
  • Only after a route approval from the traffic engineer has been obtained.
  • Only after confirmation from City Utilities that all utilities to the structure have been disconnected.
  • Only after the building or structure has been loaded and attached to the vehicle which will transport it to its new location, the building official or his designee shall inspect the same and determine that his driver is in possession of a cab card in a form approved by the Director of Building Development Services, confirming the identity of the vehicle and driver and that all permits, approvals, bonds, insurance, and inspections required by City Code to move the building or structure have been obtained. No person shall move a building or structure until inspected and approved.
Permits Required
  • Foundation and Remodel / Repair
  • Moving
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Driveway
  • Other, if necessary, to be discussed at time of moving permit.
Plans Required for Commercial Buildings
  • Plot plan to scale of new location
  • Legal description certified
  • A complete set of plans by a registered architect or engineer is required if the structure is to be used for anything other than a “1 or 2 Family” residence.