Drive 25 Program

Responsible Driving
The Drive 25 Program is a cooperative city / neighborhood based initiative to reduce speeding on our residential streets. The need for this is clear; speeding is the single greatest traffic complaint received by Traffic Operations and Police Department for neighborhoods. Many of the violators are driving within their own neighborhoods.

The Drive 25 Program addresses the issue by encouraging neighborhood residents to take responsibility for the impact their cars have on the roads they use. The Drive 25 Program encourages motorists to drive the legal speed limit in their neighborhood and also positively change motorist behavior throughout our community.
Pedestrial Survival Chance Bar Graph
Program Goals
  • Educate drivers on the impact that speeding has on braking distance and survival rates of pedestrians hit by cars
  • Promote courteous driving habits
  • Raise awareness of how individual motorist's behavior impacts the quality of life in their neighborhood and our community
  • Raise awareness that motorists share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Reduce speeding on streets throughout our community
Free Decal When You Join
When you complete and submit the pledge form below you will receive a window decal for your car indicating that you are a Drive 25 Program participant. Please join our efforts to make our community a better and safer place to live. View and fill out the Drive 25 Program Form.

Residential Speed Limit 25