Floodplain Acquisition

Program Foundation

The Floodplain Acquisition Program was formed after the flood of 1993, when several homes in the Ferguson Sinkhole area were heavily flooded. Storm water bond issue funds allocated for this program are used to make voluntary acquisitions of flood prone properties as well as undeveloped acreage in floodplain and sinkhole areas and along riparian (stream) corridors.

These acquisitions provide benefits to the public in terms of flood control, stream and groundwater quality protection, wildlife habitat, and recreational uses. Since 1993, over $12 million has been utilized for these property acquisitions.

County Partnerships

In partnership with the Springfield-Greene County Parks Department and Ozark Greenways, floodplain and riparian corridor acquisitions are often utilized for the development of parks and trails in addition to flood hazard reduction and water quality enhancement. These acquisitions include the following:

  • Galloway Creek Greenway Trail
    • Seminole to Battlefield Road (43 acres)
    • Southern Hills to Battlefield Road (16 acres) (private funds)
  • South Creek Greenway Trail
    • Campbell to National (20 acres)
    • Close Park (52 acres)
  • Wilsons Creek Greenway Trail
    • Scenic and Bennett Mobile Home (9 acres)
    • Scenic and Bennett Open Space (43 acres)
  • Fassnight Creek (planned greenway trail)
    • Bennett Street Area - 23 residential properties
    • Bennett and Utah (2 acres)
    • Maple Park Cemetery Adjoining Land (2 acres)
  • Jordan Creek Greenway Trail