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Phone:  417-864-1895
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As part of a defendant's sentencing, the court may enter an order placing you on probation. The probation office works with defendant's to provide information about court ordered programs or counseling. Your probation may be supervised or unsupervised. Individualized appointments with the Municipal Court probation officer will be scheduled as directed by the Court. All terms of probation will be reviewed with the defendant and it is the defendant's responsibility to maintain contact with the probation office with current address and phone number information. Failure to appear at probation appointments or complete any of the court ordered programs as directed by the probation office can lead to additional hearings or the issuing of a Municipal Court warrant.

Defendants with scheduled appointments must communicate directly with the probation office in regards to scheduling conflicts due to emergencies. Please call 417-864-1895 to speak to the probation office. The probation office does have voice mail and you should leave a message (name, phone number, and what you are requesting) and your call will be returned at their earliest convenience.

Court ordered probation programs require proof of completion to be provided by the defendant. The court is not responsible to contact the service provider of the class to verify your completion. Failure to provide timely completion documentation may result in a show cause hearing to be scheduled by the court to determine why the defendant has violated the conditions of probation and could potentially lead to revocation of the defendants probation and execution of sentence. Failure to appear at a scheduled show cause hearing will result in the issuance of a warrant for the defendants arrest. Probation will be suspended pursuant to section 559.036.5 RSMo. Failure to provide current address or phone number to probation officer does not exempt the defendant from receiving a warrant for failure to appear to any court ordered hearings.

Probation Program Completions can be provided to the Court by fax, mail, email, or in person. If you receive a show cause hearing notice for completion of a court ordered probation program, the defendant can provide the original completion document from the service provider, and upon confirmation of receipt by the court, the show cause hearing can be canceled without requiring the defendant's personal appearance.