Municipal Court Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the court open for payments?
  2. Do you take personal checks?
  3. May I mail my fine and costs?
  4. How do I know if my citation is violation-bureau eligible?
  5. I don't have the money to pay my ticket by my court date. What do I do?
  6. I have a payment due and I do not get paid until after you close, what do I do?
  7. If I don't go before the judge, why do I have to pay court costs?
  8. My citation is not Violation-Bureau eligible. How much is my fine?
  9. When is my payment due on a Violation Bureau ticket?
  10. May I ask the Court for a payment plan?
  11. May I have an extension or change my payment plan?
  12. May I bring someone to court with me?
  13. May my friend or family member appear at court for me?
  14. When is my court date?
  15. Do I have to have an attorney?
  16. I asked the clerk how I should plead when I speak to the judge. They said they couldn't help me. Why?
  17. I want to find out about my case and I was told that I need to speak to my attorney. Why?
  18. I'm coming to court. What should I expect?
  19. The judge said I have to be fingerprinted. Why?
  20. What are "walk-in" times?
  21. What do I do on my court date?
  22. What happens if I'm found guilty?
  23. Do I need to have a public defender assigned to my case?
  24. May I request a different court date?
  25. Do I have a warrant?
  26. I received a warrant in the mail. What does it mean?
  27. How can I contact the court? (Fax, email, mail, phone)
  28. I have too far to drive to make my court date. What can I do?
  29. I received a ticket that involved a traffic accident. Why can't I just pay it?
  30. If I didn't sign the ticket is it valid?
  31. I recieved a ticket for not having proof of motor vehicle insurance and I just didn't have it with me. What can I do?
  32. I would like to make a complaint about the officer that wrote this ticket.
  33. The officer gave me a ticket for parking in a lot requiring a permit or handicapped sticker. I have proof of my permit or handicap placard. Who can I talk to?
  34. The dog wasn't mine, why do I have to pay the ticket?
  35. The police officer said to just show the court staff my insurance card and they would dismiss the ticket.
  36. What is a Plea?
  37. What is a pre-trial conference?
  38. How do I post a bond?
  39. How do I get a bond back once I have posted the cash?
  40. I can't make my assigned probation class, can I reschedule?
  41. I can't make my probation appointment. What do I do?
  42. I have a question about my restitution.
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