Occupancy Load

The International Fire Code, adopted by the City of Springfield states that "every room or space that is an assembly occupancy shall have the occupant load of the room or space posted in a conspicuous place, near the main exit or exit access doorway from the room or space."

IFC 1004.3

The occupancy load must be established by a Licensed Architect, and is reviewed by Building Development Services for the City of Springfield. The occupancy load allowance is based on occupant egress and other life safety factors. An occupancy load exceeding the posted maximum occupant load for an individual room or building shall be considered an unsafe condition and will be addressed by immediately reducing the number of occupants in the room or building, and may result in additional measures including the issuance of a court summons.
For additional information, contact the Springfield Fire Department at 417-874-2300 or Building Development Services at 417-864-1055.