Application Status Definitions

During the application process, a prospective employee’s application may go through several status changes.  Each time your application’s status is changed, the recruiting system generates an email to alert you of the change.  Here is a list of statuses and their definitions:
Active Application Application has been completed and was successfully submitted online.  Application will be reviewed for potential match between department’s hiring needs and candidate’s qualifications for position.
Application in Review Online application is being reviewed by Human Resources and/or the hiring department to see if candidate meets the qualifications for the position.
Background Packet Incomplete The position the candidate applied for requires a background packet to be filled out and it was not completed or submitted as required.
Declined Offer Candidate decided not to accept the job offer.
Department Not Filling Vacancy Due to internal department or organizational reasons, the department has decided they will not be filling the vacancy at this time.
Eligible Candidate Candidate has passed the testing and/or interview phase(s) as required and has been placed on the Eligibility List for the position.  For more information about Eligibility Lists, please visit Frequently Asked Questions
Final Review The Hiring Department is considering top candidates.
Hired Candidate received and accepted offer for the position and has been hired.
Incomplete Application Candidates are required to thoroughly complete the online application, even if a resume is attached.  There was information such as work history, educational history, etc. that was not completed but is required for the application.
No Longer Being Considered The candidate is no longer being considered for the open position.  Decision based on department’s hiring needs, quality and quantity of candidate pool, and candidate’s qualifications.
No Response From Candidate Candidate failed to respond to phone calls, E-mails, etc. to schedule for an interview or other testing.
Vacancy Filled A candidate has been hired or appointed and the position has been filled.
Withdrew Candidate no longer interested in being considered for the position and withdrew from the selection process.