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In this role, you will serve the citizens and first responders of Springfield and Greene County on the front lines of emergency response. We are looking for candidates who embrace high-stress scenarios and recognize the importance of our unique opportunity to provide calm, compassionate assistance to citizens in times of extreme need.


We value our team's efforts and invest in their abilities. Our training program includes both academic and practical components consisting of 600-800 hours of initial training in the first year. Our CTO's (Communications Training Officers) and overall training program have been recognized as among the very best in the industry. 911 Telecommunicators are able to handle any potential scenario with the same degree of compassionate efficiency, regardless of incident. Learning and perfecting this highly sought skillset is one of many rewards awaiting you in a career at Springfield-Greene County 911.


The Public Safety Center was established in 2012 and is a state-of-the-art facility, providing our employees with cutting edge technology and comfort. Our facility has a full kitchen, gym, private parking, day rooms, as well as new equipment with NextGen 911. We value department transparency, and the Emergency Communications Director sends out weekly information and updates to ensure that all staff are kept in the loop. We want our employees to feel heard and are consistently asked to share their opinions.

The dress code is very relaxed. Employees are encouraged to express themselves and are allowed to have visible tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair. We strive to provide employees with a comfortable and enjoyable work environment where employees feel welcomed and can have fun, even with the stress of the job.


Our employees enjoy a unique 10-hour shift schedule. Based upon the shift rotations, employees enjoy 6 days off in a row at least once a month! 911 Telecommunicators have a generous paid leave package, and work-life balance is a priority.

What is it like to be a 911 Telecommunicator?

As part of our team, you will:

  • Receive and process 911 calls, including both emergency and non-emergency calls for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
  • Determine the appropriate call types and course of action based on the nature of the calls.
  • Receive incident reports, including emergency calls through 911, while you simultaneously enter information into the computer, and operate public safety dispatching equipment for multiple jurisdictions and agencies.

Our team is committed to efficiently and compassionately answering the public's 911 calls for emergency service response.