Sexual Assault Awareness Information

Sexual assault is never trivial, excusable or deserved, and it is never the victim’s fault. Perpetrators are exclusively responsible for their crimes and the subsequent effects. The following suggestions and facts have been compiled to educate the public, help prevent violent crime and help victims promptly receive available assistance.

Tips for Communicating in Dating Apps

  • Don’t give out any personal information until you can trust one another.
  • Don’t send nude photographs of yourself.
  • If the person initiates a conversation about finances, never send money.
  • Someone who is intentionally vague in conversation may indicate a red flag.
  • Anyone who is aggressively pushing for you to disclose personal information indicates a red flag.
  • Keep your social media privacy settings set to friends only and don’t add someone as a friend until you know you can trust them.
  • Save screenshots of conversations, especially in apps where messages disappear, if you’re uncomfortable.

Tips for Meeting in Person with Someone You Met Online

  • Wait to meet in person until you are 100% comfortable.
  • Research the person you are meeting.
  • When you’re ready to meet in person, select a public location where there are a lot of people. Avoid unknown or isolated environments.
  • Tell a trusted friend or family member about your plans and consider giving them access to your location on your mobile device.
  • Provide your own transportation to the meeting.
  • Know what you are drinking. Only accept a drink from an employee and don’t leave your drink unattended. Be aware of sudden changes in the way your body feels.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, invite friends or cancel.

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Sexual Assault

  • Always ensure you have clear consent from another person.
  • Rehearse how you will respond in a situation that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Communicate clearly both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Be prepared to give a verbal response that is appropriate for the situation and take control.
  • If you feel violated or uncomfortable, you don’t need to be courteous of the feelings of others. State clearly how you feel to the other person.
  • Designate a sober friend to watch out for you and your group.

Tips to Ensure You Have Consent

  • If using a dating app or website, both individuals are responsible for clearly communication their intentions prior to meeting in person.
  • Have a conversation before meeting in person to communicate clear boundaries.
  • Be aware that someone who is intoxicated or impaired could be in a situation where they can’t give consent.
  • A minor can never give consent.
  • Verbal consent should be clearly communicated and there should be no question or mystery as to whether consent was given.

Tips for Bystanders

  • If you see an individual who you believe has been overserved, mention it to someone.
  • If you see something inappropriate or something that makes you uncomfortable, report it to the manager of an establishment.
  • Watch out for your friends and be a good citizen for others. If you see something, say something.