Food Establishments

Who needs a Food Establishment Permit?

Any business that stores, prepares, packages, serves or otherwise provides food for human use.

Who does NOT need a Food Establishment Permit?

  • Cottage law operations: anyone in the state of Missouri preparing non-potentially hazardous foods in their home for sale to the end consumer. Cottage law foods may not be sold in a food establishment
  • Non-potentially hazardous food: Selling, preparing, or serving processed non-potentially hazardous foods.
  • Nonprofit organizations: Selling, preparing, or serving food at fundraising events.

We require businesses to have a food permit as explained in Chapter 58, Article II Food and Food Establishments, Sec. 58-53 of the Springfield City Code.

Food permits are NOT transferable from one owner to the next.

All food establishment applicants must follow these steps to become permitted:

  1. Application and Pre-Screen: 
    • Submit your application
    • An inspector will review the application, menu, and food processes to determine your priority, frequency of inspection, and permit fee.
  2. Pay Permit Fee:
      • The permit fee for the food establishment permit is separated into three categories:
      • High Priority Food Establishment Permit $506
      • Medium Food Establishment $363
      • Low Priority Food Establishment Permit $238
    • There are several ways to pay: online, in person or by mail 
  3. Pre-Opening Inspection:
    • After the application is received and the permit fee is paid an inspector will schedule the pre-opening inspection.
  4. Issue Permit:
    • The food establishment permit will be issued after pre-opening inspection.
    • Food Establishment permits are valid until December 31st of each year.
    • Establishments must comply with all local and county regulations that apply.
  5. Renew Permit: 
    • Permit renewal notice will be sent out by e-mail


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