Think Before You Speak

Recently I received this story from a friend of mine. It bothered her and her husband so much she decided to send it to me, hoping I could use it in some way.

The Story
"I know you work in the Crime Prevention Unit of the Springfield Police Department. I want to tell you about an experience my husband had recently at a grocery store in our neighborhood.

"He selected several items and wrote a check to pay for them. The clerk was a girl about 20 years old. He handed her the check and after looking at the address, her delighted comment was 'Oh, you're a neighbor of mine! I live at 1234. It's the blue house with the roses in front.'

"She then asked, 'What kind of car do you drive? I've got a red Honda. I can't believe I haven't seen you around!'

"Before my husband could say anything, another employee came over and asked the girl how late she was working. While bagging the groceries and getting the receipt, she went over her schedule for the next few days with the other employee.

"When my husband got home, he told me about the friendly clerk and wanted to know if he was being too critical for thinking she had no common sense whatsoever and was putting herself in danger. I had to agree with him.

"Just because someone lives in your neighborhood doesn't mean he couldn't be a burglar or a rapist or a murderer. In less than five minutes she had given my husband her address, a description of her car, and her schedule for the next week. I'm sure every parent, especially those with a daughter, is cringing after reading this.

"Please remind people that if they work with the general public in a retail business, government office, etc., they need to watch what they say. You just don't know who's listening."

Think Before You Speak
My friend is right. You must take responsibility for your own safety. You could still become a victim of a crime, but at least you've taken the initiative to improve your chances of staying safe.