Point of Dispensing Site


A Point Of Dispensing (POD) site is a mass medication dispensing location that is capable of providing pills, tablets, capsules, or vaccinations (prophylaxis) to protect the general population from biological threats or epidemics. A POD is not a:
  • Shelter; it does not have the capacity to house and feed patients
  • Trauma center, emergency room, or urgent care center; it is not able to provide medical treatment to patients


The goals of a POD are to:
  • Decrease the number of individuals who may get ill
  • Provide information about the disease and the treatment / prophylaxis (antibiotic or vaccine) being offered
  • Provide medication to an exposed population within a given time period (the population and time are often event-specific)
  • Request, receive, and distribute federal Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) provided materials in a timely manner

Public & Private PODs

Both public and private PODs play a vital role in the mass distribution of medication. Learn more about the difference between public and private PODs.

Mass Dispensing

Protecting the health of residents is the first priority in any situation. If an epidemiological investigation reveals an exposure has occurred that may threaten the public's health, mass prophylaxis or vaccination may be an effective disease control measure. The Health Department, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will decide what treatment is appropriate.