Public Safety

Project 1: Improving Communication through Social Media

Social media has proven to be a powerful tool in connecting residents with each other and with vital services. The Springfield Police Department (SPD). Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram provide a broad-based (i.e., city-wide) method of communication. Next Door provides an avenue for neighborhood residents to connect to, and communicate with, each other and the SPD while sharing specific information unique to their neighborhood. This project team will assist neighborhoods in creating a Next Door and/or social media presence. 

  • Status: Planning Phase
  • Timeframe: Summer 2016
  • Scope: Zone 1
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Project 2: Increasing SPD Patrols and Enforcement in Zone 1 (completed)

Project 3: Offering Block Watch

The SPD has created a smaller-sized version of the traditional Neighborhood Watch program. This initiative enables residents in a neighborhood that has not been able to attain the level of participation needed to implement a full Neighborhood Watch program to band together in a smaller group (i.e., a block) to help prevent crime and keep each other safe. (Note: Existing programs are available as well – Neighborhood Watch, Apartment Watch, and Business Watch – for those interested.)

  • Status: In Progress
  • Timeframe: Year-round
  • Scope: Zone 1
  • Cost: TBD
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Project 4: Installing Neighborhood Cameras

Portable Observation Devices can be purchased by neighborhood associations or local business partners, installed when and where problems are occurring, and access provided to SPD officers and/or neighborhood volunteers to help deter and detect criminal activity. Springfield Police Department will work with partner organizations to purchase and install a set of security cameras in high-crime locations.
  • Status: Planning Phase
  • Timeframe: TBD
  • Scope: Zone 1
  • Cost: TBD
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Project 5: Security Camera Registration


The Springfield Police Department currently offers and encourages registration of privately owned security cameras into a system that allows SPD to utilize the resulting videos to solve crimes.