1457 N. Texas

1457 N TexasThe Neighborhood

The 0.15 acre site contains a 1,100 square foot two story residential dwelling built in 1910, currently vacant, and in blighted condition. The property is located in the Sherman Avenue Project Area, a center city primarily single-family neighborhood, bordered by commercial activities on major streets and bisected by a rail line.  Although the area is primarily residential, it also contains a mix of commercial businesses including filling stations, a laundromat, a paint shop, and auto repair shop.

Environmental Concerns

A Phase I was performed for due diligence prior to purchase by the Sherman Avenue Project Area Committee (PAC) for redevelopment as quality affordable housing in conjunction with construction education programs scheduled to undertake a complete renovation of the structure. The presence of Lead Based Paint (LBP) and Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) were listed as environmental concerns based on the visual survey from the site visit.  Surveys for LBP and ACM confirmed the presence of these contaminants at the site. Due to the plans for interior demolition activities and renovation as single family housing, it is recommended that these be remediated as a first step in the project. Seguall Environmental Technologies has competed a draft Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA) available for public comment.  

Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives - ABCA