Driver Tips

Modern life is fast paced and often unforgiving. But you can make a choice to guard your hometown. Springfieldians, please take the time to watch out for each other. Be Kind.


Drivers, keep our walkers safe:


• The walker in the crosswalk has the right of way. LET WALKERS GO FIRST! Besides, it's the law...

• Actively watch for crosswalks, especially when turning left or right at signals. The "flashing red hand" of the pedestrian signal shows how much time the pedestrian has left to cross. Respect them, please. 
• By definition, ALL intersections include crosswalks - whether the crosswalk is marked or not.  
• Be patient and kind. Give pedestrians plenty of time and space to safely cross.

• Make eye contact with walkers but never wave them forward. Another approaching driver may not stop for them!

•Check your speed and pay attention when approaching a crosswalk or intersection, even if you don't immediately see a walker.