Driver Tips

Springfieldians, you can make a choice to guard your hometown. Please take the time to watch out for each other. Be Kind.

By Missouri State Law, a walker within the crosswalk has the right-of-way if they are on your side of the street or approaching closely from the opposite lanes. Springfield City Code now takes it a bit further. Following a series of code amendments passed by City Council in November 2020, drivers in Springfield are now required to yield to people on sidewalks who are waiting within three feet of the crosswalk. This change allows pedestrians to remain on the safety of the sidewalk and places more responsibility on YOU, the driver, to slow or stop for them.  

Drivers, keep our walkers safe:

  • Check your speed and pay attention when approaching a crosswalk or intersection, even if you don't immediately see a walker. Make sure you leave enough distance between you and the car in front of you. That gives you enough sight distance and time to safely stop for pedestrians. 
  • When you encounter an activated pedestrian beacon that is flashing, you are required to yield to any pedestrians in the crosswalk. Even if a walker fails to activate the beacon, you are still required to stop for the person in the crosswalk. These beacons help drivers recognize pedestrian activity from a far distance, allowing drivers to come to safe stop even in heavy traffic. 
  • Actively watch for crosswalks, especially when turning left or right at signals. The "flashing red hand" of the pedestrian signal shows how much time the pedestrian has left to cross. Respect them, please. 
  • Make eye contact with walkers but never wave them forward. Another approaching driver may not stop for them! 
  • Be patient and kind. Give pedestrians plenty of time and space to safely cross.
  • By definition, ALL intersections include crosswalks - whether the crosswalk is marked or not.  

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