About SGF Yields

The SGF Yields campaign aims to initiate a cultural change in Springfield toward being more pedestrian friendly.  To encourage this shift, the campaign utilizes two key strategies – education and awareness. These strategies will be used to reach a wide range of Springfield travelers from all walks of life. 


The education branch of SGF Yields is focused on making the community aware of the growing trend in pedestrian-involved crashes and what can be done by educators, organizations and individuals to make an impact. Print pieces, infographics and videos are available for download and distribution. Here is link to adult/corporate education and traffic safety education for children.   Joined kid and corporate link image


The awareness component of SGF Yields is aimed at placing messaging elements directly in front of pedestrians and motorists as they are traveling. Sidewalk decals, vehicle magnets and stickers, heart shaped crosswalk signage and the Mr. Walker statue installations will all serve as on-street reminders to watch out for each other and stay safe. 



"Mr. Walker" and the campaign around him have been carefully designed: The neon-yellow color trains people to recognize the similar looking crosswalk signs and to look for pedestrians.  Mr. Walker’s shape is based on the pedestrian traffic signal and crosswalk signs, which helps onlookers tie Mr. Walker and “SGF Yields” to traffic safety.  The heart shape intuitively communicates a caring attitude. All of these attributes work together to achieve what is called “positive mental association”: People who have seen Mr. Walker tend to unconsciously transfer the idea of caring for walkers to all regular crossing signs of that color. 

Pedestrian Crash Facts