How to Enforce Smoke-free Policies


Smoke-free Policies are Enforceable

Smoke-free policies are entirely legal and enforceable. There are multiple ways to enforce a smoke-free policy. They all begin with a clear policy where the penalties for violating the rules are clearly outline outlined. Ideally, a smoking violation should be enforced like any other lease violation.

Graduated enforcement 

Some landlords may choose to adopt a graduated enforcement policy. This may start with a verbal warning, followed by a written warning or two before eviction proceedings begin. 


Your tenants can be your greatest allies. Implement a process where tenants can report possible violations. If a tenant makes a complaint, investigate promptly.

Observed lease violations

Your staff members should be trained on how to recognize and report potential violations of smoke-free polices. 

Security deposit deductions

You may choose to forfeit the security deposit of a tenant who violates your smoke-free policy. Make sure your tenants are aware that they will be held financially responsible for violating the policy and the cost of repairing any damage associated with smoking in an apartment can be deducted from their security deposit.