Seasonal Tips for Sustainability

The Department of Environmental Services promotes the practice of sustainability through education and awareness. Occasionally, a season may require additional information to be shared and you may find those tips and tricks here.

SPRING: Go green this Spring!

Best practices for helpful and environmentally responsible home and yard care. Whether it's inside the home or outside, our quick guide to City programs and practices covers the most essential details that will give you a jumpstart on spring preparation.
Check out our interactive guide and start your spring cleaning!

Image of Green Spring Guide - Links to Interactive PDF of Guide

SUMMER: Don't sweat it, just use these tips

The heat can make it really easy to ignore the potential of proper yard care, water stewardship and even the intricacies of recycling. Check back here this summer as we share tips for how to sustain sustainable practices during the hottest months of the year.
Check out our interactive guide and start shaping up this summer!

Summer Shape Up 2019 Environmental Services Guide

FALL: The best time to take a stand for sustainability

Leaves start changing colors, the air grows crisp and the days begin to shorten. Despite that, our yards still need us, our streams keep flowing and we continue to produce waste. It can be easy to relax during the change of seasons, but practicing responsible use of our private sewers, yards and waste can ensure that Autumn remain a sustainable one. Check back this fall as we share tips for best ways to remain vigilante in the cool crisp autumn months.

Autumn Environmental Services Tips and Practices Edition

WINTER: 'tis the season of sustainability

With the ushering in of winter, and the holiday season, we welcome a wealth of additional consumption. From shopping, gift giving and receiving, cooking for family holidays and even the resources we use to light and heat our homes or even driving for family events.
Click here to learn about all of the wonder of winter sustainability and learn a new DIY craft!

Winter Guide Mockup

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  2. Busch Municipal Building
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  3. Recycling Hotline

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