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FOLDED GLOBE ORNAMENT: We are a big fan of this one!

This ornament is cheap, fun and quick to make. Not to mention, it is amazingly easy to store until the next holiday.

Estimated Time of Project:  10-15 minutes
Skill Level:
  beginner (yep, even the kids can help)
Materials Needed:
  Scissors, ruler, hole punch, Old Holiday Cards, Fasteners/Brads (x2)


STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: Feel free to reference the images below. 

Preparation:  Gather your materials.
Step 1:  Cut the front cover off of your card and measure strips. *Be mindful of hole punch size, so strips are wide enough.
Step 2:  Once finished measuring, cut the strips you marked. *We find a good amount of strips is between 10-18.
Step 3:  Punch a hole in both ends of your strips. *You may be able to punch several at a time.
Step 4:  Attach your fasteners/brads. This will need to be done for both ends of your strips. *You only need 2 per ornament.
Step 5:  Flex or bend the connected strips. Then begin to fan them out - making a globe.
Step 6:  Attach a thread around whichever fastener you prefer.
Step 7:  Hang on the tree and marvel at it's simplicity and beauty!

Considerations:  The strips can be fanned back together and stored flat.
Have fun and experiment with magazines, scrap cardstock or even try gluing the strips instead of using fasteners.