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don't buy new, make new!

The only limitation is your imagination and creativity with this project. And, maybe time, as well. Regardless, this holiday share a card creation with your friends and family that you made specially for them with the materials at-hand.

Estimated Time of Project: 15-30 minutes
Skill Level: Beginner (yep, even the kids can help)

Materials Needed: Scissors, ruler, hole punch, Old Holiday Cards, Scrap papers, magazines, ribbons

Holiday Cards

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: Feel free go off script and make them your own.

Preparation:  Gather your materials.

Step 1:  Cut your primary choice of recycled paperboard or scraps to size for the main body of the card.
*An old macaroni box is a great example of paperboard that makes for a sturdier card.

Step 2:  Once the body of the card is cut, it is time to embellish your card.
*This is where the fun really begins. All those scraps and random pieces are perfect additions.

Old Cards & Magazine: Use your old cards and magazines to cut and paste images that fit and work best on your new card.
*Remember, don't only cut from your card, think about ways to use other materials to layer and add a new dimension of visual interest to your new card.
Ribbons & Strings: You can cut and glue these directly to your card or make things really interesting by using a hole punch to punch holes in which you can thread your ribbon and string to create interesting borders on the card.
Scrap Papers: These may be the most diverse and yet most unassuming material for this project. Scraps can be cut into main visual elements or cut ornately to create interesting borders and layers for your cards cover.

Step 3:  Let any glue dry and then write a thoughtful greeting on the inside.
Other Considerations:  Feel free to invite your paints, stamps and coloring utensils to the party.
Let your creativity takeover and experiment to make your cards special and say just a little something more than any card picked out at the store.

Holiday Card Materials Needed