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Get on a roll making this one! 

This one requires a little bit more precision and possibly a few more materials, but if you are repurposing old cards and paper than that's a win!

Estimated Time of Project:  15-30 minutes
Skill Level:  Moderate

Materials Needed:  Scissors, round item (for tracing), hole punch, Old Holiday Cards, ribbon (optional)


STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: Feel free to reference the images below

Preparation: Gather your materials.

Step 1:  Trace your circles on the back of the card(s) selected. *The amount of circles can vary from 3 to 6, or even more.
Step 2:  Once all circles traced, you can begin cutting out the circles.
Step 3:  Fold each circle in half. Fold together, kissing each half of the front.
Step 4:  Begin gluing the mirror half of one circle to the half of another.
Step 5:   Continue this with each remaining circle until one circle remains.
Step 6:  At this point, if you want, cut and loop a piece of ribbon and glue in the center before adding the final circle to close the wheel.
Step 7:  Toss the wheel in the tree or hang on the tree and marvel at it's simplicity and beauty!

Considerations:  Cards are heavier paper stock which can make wheels with more circles difficult to assemble. Keep this in mind as you experiment with different sizes of variations of the ornament.