Hire a Police Officer

Springfield Police Department officers may be hired for extra-duty employment to provide police-related functions such as traffic control, safety and security duties. Extra-duty employment of Springfield Police officers is only available to organizations and businesses, and is not available to individuals due to the insurance requirements.

Costs and Payment Instructions

The charge for a police officer is $35 per hour per officer. The minimum hourly charge is four (4) hours. Payment is to be payable directly to the individual officers and not to the City of Springfield or Springfield Police Department.

A one-time annual administrative fee will be charged and is dependent upon the number of officers/shifts requested or required for your event.

Contact Information

For more specific inquiries or to discuss potential employment of extra-duty officers, please contact Tasha Cook, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday: 417-864-1797 or [email protected].

Types of Work that are Prohibited

There are some types of work that extra-duty or off-duty employment officers cannot do. These are:

  • Bodyguard, bounty hunter, or bouncer.
  • For a bail bond agency, wrecker service, taxicab service, locksmith service, pawnshop, escort service, massage technician, or as a security guard for a private security business.
  • Service of civil process as a private investigator, private detective, or other capacity where the primary purpose of such employment is to gather information for, or to appear as a witness in a civil action.
  • For a business which derives more than 50% of its gross income from the sale, service, or dispensing of alcoholic beverages; or any other business that requires the extra-duty/off-duty employee to sell, serve, or dispense alcoholic beverages.
  • Employment related to a labor dispute.
  • Employment by any individual, business, or agency that would violate or tend to violate the provisions of SOG 103.1 – Code of Conduct or any other SOG.
  • Work outside the city limits of Springfield, Missouri, in an extra-duty capacity.
  • Any work which may require as criteria for employment the employee having access to police information, files, or records and require furnishing those records as a condition of employment.
  • Employment that would in any way discredit City employment, detract from his or her duties, or take preference over on-duty needs, or overtime required by City employment.
  • Employment that would tend to subject a department employee to outside interests which might conflict with their official duties by diluting their energies or involving them in situations where they might be motivated to neglect or subvert their official duties or functions.  

The City of Springfield requires a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) liability agreement to be submitted by any businesses/organization. The business/organization’s certificate of insurance coverage, including worker’s compensation, will need to accompany the MOU.

Extra duty officers will not be available until the MOU and the certificate of insurance are received and signed by City Manager’s office. Returning your paperwork does not guarantee an officer. If the request for extra duty officers is for an urgent matter, please call 417-864-1797 to expedite the process during regular business hours. If you have an urgent matter after business hours, please call 417-864-1810 and ask for a Watch Commander, contact 911 or non-emergency dispatch at 417-862-7911.

The current insurance requirements for hiring of extra duty officers are:

  • General liability - $1 million minimum, with the City listed as an additional insured
  • Employer’s liability - $1 million minimum
  • Workers’ compensation - $1 million minimum