Avoidance of Traffic Signals

No Need to Rush
A lot of the accidents here in Springfield seem to be caused by drivers being in too big of a hurry. They are late for something or need to be across town in just a few minutes. This rushing around causes drivers to drive much too fast to get where they are going and sometimes causes them to use poor judgment.

Drivers that are in too big of a hurry sometimes avoid the traffic signals at intersections by cutting across a private lot to avoid a red signal light. This decision is very dangerous to other vehicles and pedestrians in the lot. Drivers tend not to observe backing vehicles or pedestrians walking out between the vehicles.

This decision is not only dangerous, but is against city ordinance. A driver can be issued a summons for cruising a posted lot (078-190 A) or the following summons for avoidance of stop signs or traffic signals.

Sec. 106-185. Avoidance of Stop Signs or Traffic Signals
The driving of a motor vehicle onto, across and out of any commercial property on the corner of any street intersection without stopping on the property for the purpose of transacting business solely to avoid a stop sign or traffic signal is prohibited. For the purpose of this section, transacting of business shall mean that the driver or any occupant of the motor vehicle enters the property with the intent of stopping to engage in a transaction with the proprietors or their agents or employees of the business for which the premises are licensed.

Please drive safely and obey all traffic laws.