Do Not Block the Intersection

In another traffic tip I talked about it being okay to remain in an intersection until traffic clears as long as you enter the intersection legally, even if the signal light turns red after you are in the intersection. This is commonly done by drivers wanting to make left turns at intersections.

There is another circumstance in which drivers need to use some common sense to prevent creating major traffic tie-ups. A common problem in Springfield’s congested traffic, especially in inclement weather, is for drivers to pull straight into an intersection knowing they will not be able to move or clear the intersection at all due to traffic backups ahead of them. When drivers block the intersection like this the cross traffic cannot move and the entire intersection is gridlocked. This action is a violation of Municipal Ordinance #106-193 that states it is illegal to block an intersection in this manner.

These traffic tie-ups can be prevented if drivers will try to look ahead and not pull forward into intersections when the traffic congestion ahead of them will not allow them to make it all the way through the intersection. Little things such as this can help relieve traffic congestion and make everyone’s drive smoother and faster.