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Top Notch Benefits

Officers enjoy 100% paid Health insurance, generous leave time, wellness programs, tuition reimbursement & more. Our 100% paid retirement program is the most robust option through MO LAGERS. Check out all of our benefits here.

Community Outreach

The Springfield Fire Department has a strong commitment and culture of providing service in many forms to our community. While we will always be there to put out a fire, our commitment reaches far beyond a fire hose. SFD Provides both emergency and non-emergency services. Through fire safety education, free smoke alarms, safety surveys and community risk reduction programs, our staff aims to ensure citizen safety anyway we can. Read more here.

Paid Academy & Ongoing Training

Education and training are a top priority. New Firefighters are hired by the City and are paid during a 24-week academy to become Firefighter and EMT certified. Throughout a Firefighter's career, SFD will continue to invest in training, to include advanced academies for specialized assignments and promotional opportunities. At 48 months, a Firefighter is eligible for promotion. These advanced academies provide an education foundation to prepare them for that opportunity. Additional academies are design to offer specialized training in specific areas.

Diverse Assignments & Career Growth

SFD offers a diverse array of special assignment and promotional opportunities. Promotional opportunities include Fire Equipment Operator, Rescue & Salvage Specialist teams include water rescue, technical rescue, training, and hazardous materials (bomb squad).

Fire_WebPromotionsGraphic_v5*Employees do not have to be a Fire Lieutenant or Fire Captain before being eligible to be a Fire Marshal.

Springfield Fire Facts

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