Bonfire Permit


Within Springfield's city limits, no person may cause or allow open burning without a permit. Some recreational fires, which include cooking and warming fires, highway safety flares, smudge pots and similar occupational needs may be excepted. A permit must be issued by the Community Risk Reduction Division of the Springfield Fire Department for any other open burning activities within the city.

Ceremonial fires, or bonfires, may be allowed under specific restrictions after a permit is obtained from the Community Risk Reduction Division of the Fire Department. The responsible party is required to be on-site to supervise the event. All permits for bonfires shall be requested by, and issued to, the owner of the land upon which the bonfire is to be kindled. Written permission must be provided by owner / authorized agent before issuance of the permit.

In addition, an appropriate means of extinguishment must be present at the burning site, and the fire shall be constantly attended until extinguishment.

A bonfire shall be no more that 5 by 5 by 5 feet in dimension, and shall burn no longer than 4 hours. The placement of the bonfire shall not be closer than 50 feet away from combustible structures. Fuel for a bonfire shall consist only of seasoned dry firewood and shall be ignited by a small piece of paper. The size and duration of the fire may be increased only upon approval of the Community Risk Reduction Division. Wind speeds for the duration of the fire may be no greater than 15 miles per hour. Wind speed must be verified prior to the event by calling the Fire Dispatcher at 417-862-7911. A permit is required for a recreational fire with a fire greater than 3 feet in diameter by 2 feet in height. A site map and/or inspection by a Fire Marshal may be required. 

Obtaining a Permit

For further details pertaining to open burning within the city, please refer to Section 307 of the International Fire Code, as adopted by the City of Springfield.

View a bonfire information sheet (PDF).