Right of Way in Crosswalks

We have been receiving complaints of vehicles not stopping for pedestrians. Below I have listed some of the pedestrian / crosswalk laws that we enforce.
  • A driver of a vehicle approaching a crosswalk must yield to a pedestrian crossing the street.
  • A pedestrian shall not suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk into the path of a vehicle when it is so close that it could not yield.
  • Whenever a vehicle is stopped to yield to a pedestrian, it is unlawful for the driver of another vehicle approaching from the rear to pass the stopped vehicle.
  • When crossing the street at an intersection with a traffic signal, pedestrians shall only cross with a walk or green signal. Vehicles shall yield to pedestrians crossing with a signal.
  • In a business district, pedestrians shall only cross the street within a crosswalk.
  • Where sidewalks are provided, no person shall walk along and upon the roadway.
In the near future, traffic officers may be enforcing crosswalk violations in the problem areas.