What To Do at an Accident Scene

When we are working at an accident scene, either directing traffic or conducting the investigation, here are some things we would like people to do.

Things To Do
  • Slow down and be observant of your surroundings
  • Obey all traffic commands given by an officer either verbally or by whistle
  • Obey all hand signals given by the officer
  • Obey all posted signs and vehicle directional signals from police vehicles
  • Be patient
Please Do Not
  • Rubberneck-don’t watch what is going on and then slam into the back of another vehicle when that vehicle stops suddenly
  • Stop and ask the officer what is going on and was anyone hurt
  • Ask an officer for directions
Every scene is very stressful for the officer and every other emergency responder that arrives on scene. Several things are happening all at once. We are trying to do what is best for the injured as well as the motoring public.

Bottom line is to slow down and be observant of your surroundings.