Holiday Season

Driving While Intoxicated
The holidays are upon us again. This time of year many friends and businesses celebrate the season with Christmas parties. Parties that serve alcohol can be dangerous and expensive—dangerous in the sense that someone may consume alcohol at the party and then have an accident on the way home; expensive in that one of your guests may be arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. If it is a company or business party, the sponsor of the party could be sued for allowing a person to become intoxicated and then allowing that person to drive. We strongly encourage any business or person hosting a party to plan ahead. If alcohol is going to be served, make sure anyone drinking will not be allowed to drive.

Missouri's DWI law states that the blood alcohol limit is .08%. The Springfield Police Department will be out enforcing DWI and other alcohol laws to discourage people from drinking and driving. Help us help you have a happy holiday season.