Winter Tips


The Department of Environmental Services promotes the practice of sustainability through education and awareness. When it's cold outside it can be difficult to get outside or motivate yourself. However, there are plenty of things to do in order to stay warm and sustainable. 

Seasonal Recycling  Lights, Trees & Shipping material

These locations and rates verified at start of season. Call to confirm prior to arriving.

  1. Holiday Lights
  2. Live Trees
  3. Artificial Trees
  4. Shipping Materials
  5. Gift Materials
All Metal Recycling3340 W. Division417.862.0011None
Commercial Metals Company634 E. Phelps417.862.0548None
Complete Electronic Recycling2935 W. Chestnut Expy417.864.4415None
Computer Recycling Center528 N. Prince Lane417.866.2588None
(Labeled recycling bin located in the cart corral at the front of the store.)
1850 E. Primrose St.  only location417.889.1980

All info subject to change. Call before you go to check availability and fees.

Wondering where to recycle an item?
Ask the Wizard!

The City has a new, easy-to-use tool to help Springfield citizens sort their waste properly. Introducing, the Waste Wizard! Search the online database to find what repurpose, reuse, or recycle options are available throughout our community. Launch the Waste Wizard.

Waste Wizard

Holiday D.I.Y. header

DO IT YOURSELF: Repurpose "Trash" into treasure.

It's easy to ignore the potential of recyclable materials or old and unused goods. In the spirit of sustainability we want to share ideas of how new life can be given to items, such as: scrap paper, cardboard, paperboard, plastic bags, old books, magazines, junk mail, and so much more.
Be green and get crafty!


Don't hang around, get to crafting

All shapes, sizes, materials, quality and colors, ornaments can be crafted out of all sorts of old homemade items and recyclable materials. Click below and follow instructions for any of our ornament projects. Have fun and get experimental; making it even more unique and all your own.  

Foldable Ornament Gif
Holiday Cards

Cards & More

Easy, Green, Affordable and fun

Cards, decorations and gifts are all perfect avenues for giving new life to all of those old materials and recyclable goods. An old food box can be made into a card, a plastic bag can become a wreath or wallet and past magazine subscriptions into wonderful holiday decorations.

  1. Ornaments
  2. Decorations
  3. Cards & More

HOLIDAY D.I.Y. CRAFT LINKS: Click for steps

Ornaments: For those of us with space on the tree.

Foldable GlobePaper WheelEasy Slide

GREEN GIFT IDEAS: The best gifts aren't at the store.

So often our first and last resort for gift giving starts and ends at an endless number of retailers. Don't bother braving the crowds or hoping that your last-minute online orders arrive.
Instead, consider some of these alternative options that we think are some of the best gifts!

Gift Certificates:

The Parkboard These can be used for activities, golfing, swim lessons, horseback riding, you name it! And did we mention, there is no expiration?!


Dickerson Park Zoo  Who doesn't love animals? Give the gift of being able to be around a variety of small and large animals from across the globe.


Art Museum Kids and Adults alike love to get their hands sticky with clay and clothes splattered with paint. Give the gift of creativity this holiday with an art class.

RETHINK FOOD: Get the most out of your yums

The holidays and food have become synonymous with one another. This generally results in more food being purchased and prepared and ultimately, more food being wasted. Being more responsible in our meal prep is not only good for our pocketbooks, but our environment, as well.

Reducing food waste is an important aspect of our sustainable teachings. In order to provide the best tips and tricks to prevent your dollar from wilting as fast as your lettuce, we have curated a few of what we believe are the most impactful links from to help you in your Green Holiday success.

Meal Preparation:  Determine the right amount you need for every holiday meal with the Guest-imator.

Food Storage:  It seems inconsequential that the way our asparagus, avocados and peanuts are kept could effect the shelf life of these foods. In fact, improper storing can drastically reduce how long your foods remain good.

Cooking with Leftovers & Scraps:  We all have them after a meal. Now know what to do with them.

Be a Food Pro in the Know:  From freezing to wasting less with kids to deciphering "Use by Dates" be armed with the proper knowledge to be sustainable in the kitchen this holiday.