Holiday Season & Red Light Violations

An Increase in Accidents
As you are aware, the holiday season is in full swing. Christmas is just around the corner and increased volumes of traffic are readily apparent throughout the city as shoppers are making the rounds. Along with increased traffic volumes comes an increase in traffic violations and crashes. The most significant of these violations is violations of red signals.

"T-Bone" Crashes
When a crash occurs from a violation of a red signal, they are generally more severe in nature than other crashes due to the likelihood of the impact being a "T-Bone" where one vehicle strikes another in the side. The sides of vehicles are the weakest points and offer the least protection to the occupant when a crash occurs. These types of crashes usually end up with more severe injuries to the occupants of the vehicle that gets struck in the side. Advancements in "side impact air bags" have made a significant difference, but most vehicles on the roadway at this time are not equipped with side impact air bags.

Zero Tolerance Policy
The City of Springfield has adopted a zero tolerance for these types of violations. In an effort to curb red light running, several intersections in Springfield are scheduled for Photo Red Light Cameras in the near future. They are already in place at the intersections of Battlefield and National, as well as Battlefield and Campbell. The camera systems are very effective at detecting these violations and are being utilized by cities around the globe in an effort to deter these types of violations.

Do Not Try to Beat the Light
So when you find yourself in the holiday crowds trying to get to your next destination, be vigilant of the traffic signals and do not try to beat the light. The risk is not worth the 3 minutes you will gain, if you're lucky enough to make it through the intersection without causing a crash, not to mention the money you could spend on presents instead of a citation.

Enjoy the holiday season and as always, be smart, drive safe