Physical Activity

People who are physically active reduce their risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. It is recommended to get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. Many Springfieldians are not meeting this recommendation.

With employees spending almost 8 hours a day on average at work, worksites provide a unique setting to promote practices that can increase physical activity and positively impact the health of working adults.

Sample Physical Activity Policies

Flexible Work Schedule: Adopt a policy to allow employees to participate in physical activities during the work week. For example, consider allowing employees to combine their 15-minute breaks into a longer break to incorporate a workout. For more ideas, contact us.

Active Breaks: Develop a policy that supports physical activity during breaks (i.e. walking, stretching) throughout the workday.

Partner with local fitness facilities to offer discounted memberships to employee and their families.

Sample Physical Activity Programs

Challenges and Contests: Host or participate in physical activity challenges, such as the Move Your Shoes Man on TreadmillWalking Challenge.

Walking Meetings: Instead of a meeting room or coffee shop, consider combining your meeting with physical activity. Promote walking meetings to help your employees meet physical activity recommendations.

Start a walking club with co-worker to encourage physical activity. 

Fitness Classes: Work with a certified fitness instructor to offer fitness classes at your workplace.

Environmental Improvements to Promote Physical Activity

On-site Fitness Opportunities: Create on-site facilities and/or offer fitness equipment that promotes and encourages physical activity.

On-site shower and changing facilities: This will encourage employees to fit a workout into their work day.

Flexible Work Space - Offer sit/stand desks that encourage employees to stand up throughout through the workday.