Pedestrian Alleyway & Parking Lot Enhancements

The City of Springfield is working together with the Commercial Street residents, businesses and stakeholders to construct enhancements of two Commercial Street pedestrian alleyways and a public parking lot. 

The Dr. Tickle Alleyway, located between Campbell Avenue and Boonville Avenue, and the C-Street Market Alleyway, between Robberson Avenue and Jefferson Avenue, as well as the public parking lot located at Blaine Street and Jefferson Avenue, were previously selected by Commercial Street residents and business owners for improvements using C-Street Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds. 

The estimated cost for the project is $400,000, funded through the Commercial Street TIF. Pending approval of final designs, project construction is anticipated in spring 2020.

An update on the current state of the Commercial Street TIF is provided below. 

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Planned C-Street Pedestrian Alleyway & Parking Lot enhancements

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