Motorcycles Are Coming

Motorcycle Safety
It's the time of year when we see a large increase in the number of motorcycles on our roadways. Motorcycles are involved in several fatalities each year. Many of these are caused by the motorcycle riders themselves. As a longtime motorcyclist, I can tell you that it is easy to become distracted from our driving. If we need to adjust a helmet or put on a glove, it's tempting to do these things as we ride. Riding is a full-time job. Anything that distracts from it should be handled when you're stopped safely at the side of the road.

Drinking & Driving
Drinking alcohol and driving should never be mixed, but many motorcycle fatalities involve a driver that has been drinking. Riding a motorcycle takes more skill and balance than driving a car. Trying to ride after consuming alcohol is deadly.

Other Vehicles
Drivers of cars and trucks don't seem to see us. If they're looking for a car or truck, they simply may not see a motorcycle because that's not what they are looking for. Many vehicle drivers have said that they simply did not see the motorcycle before they pulled out in front of it.

Always ride with your headlight on. Helmets are required and should be replaced if dropped or after they are a few years old. Sunglasses or goggles can save an eye if you're hit by a bug or a rock.

Following Distance
When following a car, it is important to leave adequate distance. It is heart-stopping to be behind a vehicle and realize they just straddled a board or large rock. I've run over mufflers and car batteries before I've had time to swerve.

Motorcycles are a lot of fun and I've traveled all over the United States on one. By taking a few extra precautions, your ride can be both fun and safe.