The Compliance Engine

The Springfield Fire Department (SFD) requires that specific fire protection system annual test reports be submitted to the department from the inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM) company via an electronic portal called The Compliance Engine (TCE). After submission of these reports, TCE works on behalf of the SFD to provide notification to occupancies of needed repairs and of upcoming annual inspections. These efforts help ensure those fire protection systems comply with the International Fire Code, which has been adopted by the City of Springfield. Compliant fire protection systems reduce the risk to life and property in the City.

Fire Protection Systems requiring TCE test result submission include:

  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Fire Standpipes
  • Fire Alarms
  • Fire Pumps
  • Private Fire Hydrants

ITM Registration

SFD policy requires that ITM companies operating in the City register with the department to confirm business license and training certifications. Only registered ITM companies may submit reports to TCE. Any questions or requests to register with the SFD should be sent to the Community Risk Reduction (CRR) division at [email protected] or by calling (417)874-2349


Business owners/operators or an ITM company, regarding a decision related to TCE, may submit an appeal to the SFD. Fire personnel will investigate the concern and the Division Chief of Community Risk Reduction will provide a written ruling within 10 business days.