Car Seat and Vehicle Safety

Traffic Crash injuries are the number one cause of preventable deaths and injuries to children in our nation. The good news is, on average, a correctly used car seat reduces the risk of death by 70 percent! The bad news is, three out of four car seats tend to not be used or installed correctly! To correctly install a car seat, and correctly buckle your child, it takes much more than "click and go". We recommend that you find a local car seat technician, who can teach you how to correctly install your car seat - for free. This is one of the best insurances your can make for your child. Your medical provider, fire station or heath department can point you into the right direction. Also, never buy a used car seat and check existing seats for recalls here.

Please also remember to never, ever leave your child in the car alone, not even for a minute. Without the air-conditioning running in a vehicle, it takes only minutes for the temperature to rise up to 20 degrees above the outside temperature! And if you leave the car running, you run risk of a kidnapping or other accidents. It’s best to not leave a child alone in a car.

Along with that: Always lock your car at home, whether it's in the garage or driveway. Children have died of heat stroke by playing in the car and accidentally locking themselves in.