Childrens' Traffic Safety Resources

Children are among the most vulnerable traffic participants. Our youngest ones are typically impulsive, are not yet able to judge speed and distance of an oncoming vehicle. Further, their size gives them a disadvantage as well. It is most important that parents take the time to teach them how walk and bike safely.

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Every time you walk or drive somewhere, you have a teaching opportunity that will help form habits. Here are a few tips for modeling safe habits in the car:

1. Make everybody buckle up in the vehicle, every time, all the time.

2. Do not handle your phone while driving - your future teenage driver is watching you! Plus,  you know very well how dangerous cell phone distraction is. Modeling restraint is hard, but restraint one of the best life-saving skills that you can pass on to your kids.

3. Play games while commuting: Passengers get points for spotting motorcycles, pedestrians, bicyclists (with or without helmet?), police cars and so on. This teaches our future drivers to be observant.