Private Fire Hydrants

Private fire hydrants are located on private property and are owned and maintained by the property owner. They are required by the International Fire Code (IFC) to supply the proper levels of water supply for fire protection when the distance to a public hydrant is excessive. The Springfield Fire Department (SFD) amended and adopted the IFC to require color coding of private fire hydrants (507.2.1.1). The hydrant body is painted red, with the caps and bonnet painted to match the flow rate which is detailed in the graphic below. This color coding differentiates private hydrants from public and provides responding fire department personnel with the water supply capabilities of the private hydrant.


The flow rates are determined by a required annual test conducted by a third-party Inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM) vendor.  The results of those tests are provided to the property owner. View list of approved ITM vendors.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain hydrant paint in good condition and correct color. Approximate color specifications are detailed below in five common paint brands.

Common Paint Brands




Light Blue

Dutch Boy

Popied Red 106-7DB

Exotic Melon 107-6DB

Greened Grass 227-5DB

Big Sky Country 136-4DB


Cherry Red HDC-MD-16

Tiki Torch M-180-6

Mixed Veggies M-400-6

Aztec Sky P490-4


Crimson Red 31YR 10/591

Sunbaked Orange 52YR 37/501

Emerald Leaf Green 70GY 25/272

Blue Note 86BG 43/321

Sherwin Williams

Dawning Red HGSW1073

Emberglow HGSW1104

Backcountry Green HGSW2263

North Holland Blue HGSW1364


Bright Red 1010-2

Dark Palomino 2011-2

Mixedwood Leaf 5007-6C

Rolling Sea 5001-10B