The importance of sidewalks cannot be overstated. Outside of the obvious safety benefit, sidewalks increase a neighborhood's connectivity to services, encourage livability, promote a healthier lifestyle, and decrease traffic congestion.  The City of Springfield makes an ongoing effort to install new sidewalks and maintain old walkways. Unfortunately, in the past, developers did not have to build sidewalks along with subdivisions and redevelopments, and therefore, many older neighborhoods do not have sidewalks and often there is not enough open space to retrofit them. The need is great, and the City has therefore given priority to sidewalk requests that fall within half a mile of an elementary school. However, all sidewalk request are considered and tracked. Streets with no sidewalk on either side have priority over streets that have already sidewalks on one side. Sidewalk requests for areas that require retaining walls, stormwater relocation (ditches) or removal of mature trees tend to be very expensive. If such section has become a neighborhood priority, Public Works strives to address the sidewalk need through a major project, otherwise the request is added to an unfunded needs list.

You can check if your sidewalk request falls in proximity of an elementary school by checking these Walking Route Maps.

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